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Counseling and Mental Health Therapy for:

  • Self-esteem and body image
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Acting out or Impulsive behaviors
  • Anger or conflict with others
  • Anxiety or panic
  • Childhood or Adult trauma
  • And many more..

Suzanne Holt, MSW,LCSW is a Florida Licensed Clinical Social Worker through the FloridaBoard of Clinical Social Work Marriage, and Family and Mental Health Counseling, providing counseling and therapy in Altamonte Springs / Longwood / Lake Mary / Orlando /Daytona Beach and surrounding areas of Central Florida including Seminole, Orange, Volusia, and Polk County. With over 10 years experience in mental health, she has dedicated herself to empowering others to live a life worth living. Among her abilities as a therapist, she is able to create a safe and trusting environment in which to work towards one’s personal goals. She combines empathy and understanding and both professional and personal experiences to promote emotional healing.

Suzanne’s pursuit is to help those with serious mental illness and trauma, specializing in those such as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and various forms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) ; Suzanne has received certificates for the study of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and has been teaching DBT skills to her clients of over 10 years. Suzanne is also a trained EMDR therapist, Certified through the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA). This experience has led to competency in treating trauma and helping her clients resolving hard-to-treat issues. She participates in ongoing Continuing Education to broaden resources and provide the most up-to-date and effective therapy available.

Suzanne is a Florida native, born and raised in the Orlando area, and has spent much of her time working and playing in many other parts of the country to satisfy a curious and passion-filled spirit. While serving in the U.S. Navy, she gained new insights, understanding, and compassion for the human experience. During this time, she seized the opportunity to travel to foreign countries, expanding her knowledge and awareness of other world cultures; her adventures included extended travel to Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and Saudi Arabia, as well as travel to almost all 50 states. These experiences culminated in the realization of her dream to help others embrace the wonders available to every human being through the five senses, and to help end emotional suffering… one person at a time. With this vision in mind, she received her Masters in Clinical Social Work from the University of Missouri-Columbia while also working with individuals who have developmental disabilities such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Autism, Asperger’s, and Down’s Syndrome, with co-occurring mental illness.

Suzanne’s personal style is said to be down-to-earth, genuine, and authentic, while her therapeutic style is eclectic. She sees each person as unique, with varying needs. Suzanne uses a variety of therapy strategies to reduce anxiety or panic, calm worrisome or negative thoughts, and help you to manage mood swings, current life stressors, or relationship problems. Do you experience worry, self-hatred, confusion or feelings of loss or emptiness? With an energizing and enthusiastic style, she has the ability to help you improve your life. Just take the first step!